Habits, fears and phobias, addictions, obsessions and other human anomalies

Hypnotherapy is highly effective for changing any of these. One session is often all that is needed, even for a life time habit or a terrifying phobia or fear.

You are not broken or out of control, you are unique! Your subconscious mind has had a very good reason for you to keep your habit or phobia, it has been protecting you. Let's explore why and find another way for you to protect yourself that allows you to be free. 

Habits and addictions

Hypnosis helps you to change habits such as smoking cigarettes, tobacco, vaping, marijuana, sugar, chocolate, caffeine, gambling, porn, social media or internet addiction and almost any other habit or addiction.

Fears and phobias

Claustrophobia, fear of animals, insects and spiders, flying, blood, needles, touch, fear of men or women, the dentist, illnesses, COVID 19, heights, fear of water, public speaking and many more.

Other quirks, anomalies and foibles

Nail biting, nose picking, procrastination, hair pulling, hand washing, blushing, eyelash or eyebrow pulling, lip biting, skin picking, thumb sucking, bed wetting, excessive blinking, jaw clenching, teeth grinding, tics, tardiness, and many others. I love the interesting ones! Tell me what's up with you and lets find a solution.


Free 15-minute exploration session: €0 

Ask any questions you like. Telephone, video call or in person.

One-only session or first session: €100 per one hour session* 

People often achieve what they want to achieve in the first session. Hypnotherapy is designed to be fast and effective, establishing the outcome you desire and getting you to where you want to be as soon as we can. The original issue that you come for will most likely be resolved in one session, although many people find they like to have a few sessions to explore and resolve a number of things. You will know after the end of the first session whether you need or would like any more.

Ongoing sessions €75 per one hour session

When the original issue has been addressed, there may be other things you would like to work on.

Three-session special introductory offer for NEW clients: €225. 

€25 saving - most popular. These three sessions will mark a before and after turning point in your life. Leave the past in the past where it belongs and move forward in your life with peace, health, joy and freedom. 

Four-session special offer for EXISTING clients: €275. 

€25 saving. 

Because some people love hypnotherapy so much they want to come back and explore more possibilities.

If you've had some sessions with me before, we will have a great working relationship and you will know all about the power of hypnosis and what you can achieve with it. Some people come back for a 'top up', some want some stress relief, help with sleeping, empowerment, or perhaps business, career or personal transformation coaching, and then again some just come because they love the experience of hypnosis so much!

Prices include VAT (Spanish IVA).

Contact me today for your free 15-minute explorarion session.